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uFab is currently in open beta and free of charge until further notice

A quotation tool for machine shops of all shapes & sizes

uFab is a simple yet powerful quoting platform, that transforms the machining cost estimation with effective process planning, tools and previously untapped business insights. 


Thanks to the power of the cloud, every quote you ever made with uFab is always available. No searching through folders for the right document, just fast, easy access to all the information you need. Safe, secure & ready to be used whenever you want it.


Your experience and knowledge are priceless. Save time with uFab’s search functionality. Allowing you to quickly find your previous quotes based on a specific part name, number, ID or customer name for the same or similar projects. The quotes can then be modified as required providing a fast, accurate, response for customers.


All the information you need in one place. Your dashboard is your one-click performance review for your entire quoting process. Giving you a clear, uncluttered overview of win rate, quote lifetime & other valuable customer insights, the dashboard provides any machine shop with a clear picture of the health of the business.


Pool your talent with uFab’s collaboration tool that allows multiple team members to work on a quote. With seamless handover of control if required, uFab maximizes your resources, as your sales team enjoy real-time updates while your machinist starts production, ensuring the most efficient quote process for your team, every time.

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machining quotation automation

3D Automation

uFab can provide a complete analysis of your 3D part models, enabling the automated generation of a machining plan for most parts. This in turn provides faster, more accurate quotes, and a further streamlining of the process, delivering increased efficiency and allowing your team to try out new and improved methods of machining.

You spoke, we listened

We asked machine shops how we can help improve the current quoting process. These are some of our favorite quotes that helped shape the uFab tool:

Accuracy of the quote is key for the machine shop and to keep my business finances healthy.

- Large machine shop in Texas

If the machine shop burns down I will lose all my archived folders. We store physical folders.

- Small machine shop in Ohio

I wish we would have a better way to archive our data, it’s hard to find old quotes based on project or part number.

- Manufacturer in California

One man is doing all the quotes in my shop, if something happens to him, we may have to close the business.

- Small equipment producer in Texas